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To further foster exploration of the language and culture, classroom experiences are enhanced by students' participation in any of the multiple department-sponsored study abroad programs. There are summer programs and internships as well as semester and year-long options. Students can earn credit towards their major or minor studying abroad or participating on an international internship program.

SPN protocol to be followed by study abroad initiatives/programs offering SPN credits

67d99694c0894176d46db9ae3f39cbd5_f22.jpg ARGENTINA

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Internships in Argentina      

  Flag_of_the_Dominican_Republic.svg DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic CIC Latin American Health, Nutrition and Environmental Issues Program - Summer Term

Santiago, Dominican Republic CIC Latin American Health Nutrition and Environmental Issues Program - Fall Term

f2d3155b58f9ba9bda6ec008b06b6b3d_f20.JPG ECUADOR

Quito, Ecuador Multidisciplinary Studies - Fall, Spring, Summer and Academic year



Fall, Spring, and Academic Year Program
Tours, France- Université Francois Rabelais in Tours, France 

Summer Programs
Tours, France - French Language, Literature, and Culture

Paris, France - Internship in Paris

c0bb7cec7875d0b5a5b1ee1fd1f4f56b_f18.jpg GREECE

Greece - Art & Archaeology of Greece



Florence, Italy - Italian Language, Literature, and Culture



Oaxaca, Mexico Spanish for the Healthcare Professions



Fall, Spring and Academic Year Program
Valencia, Spain Hispanic Studies in Valencia, Spain
Summer Programs
Santander, Spain Intensive Intermediate Spanish in Santander- 200-level SPN courses
Madrid, Spain Internships
Santander, Spain Spanish Language, Literature and, Culture
Valencia, Spain Spanish Language, Literature and, Culture


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