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Biondo, Janet

1993, Journalism Major

Taking Italian at MSU has had a major impact on my life more than 20 years after graduating. My children have seen that my knowledge of Italian has been a foundation for understanding English grammar better as well as its helpfulness in understanding other languages such as Latin and romance languages. It has assisted in our travels around the country and the world where Italian language, art and culture are often referred to and even helps me in answering Jeopardy questions!


Picture1.pngCarlini, Ashley

2016, English Literature and RCAH

Declaring an Italian Minor at MSU was one of the best educational decisions I could have made. I've been able to reclaim my family heritage by speaking Italian with my Mom & Nonna, something that I have wanted to do my entire life, in just three years. I became President of the MSU Italian Club, I studied abroad in Firenze for 6 weeks, and I have been able to broaden my horizons and speak a beautiful language in the process.

Picture4.jpgKostecki, Polo

2018, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

MSU’s Italian courses are designed in a way to help learn the language quickly but also to learn it effectively, which was beneficial to my learning.

The study abroad program “speeds-up” receiving the minor, which was a major reason I took part in the program.


lab.jpgLabrecque, Arielle

2013, BA in English

I participated in the Italian Language and Culture program at MSU in the summer of 2012. Enrolling in the language-intensive coursework in Florence— along with living with an Italian family in the heart of the city—was the best, most effective way for my language skills to flourish. This immersion experience also enabled me to see the pragmatic value and use of Italian in modern society.


corey.JPGLentz, Corey

2014, BA History, Italian Minor

Studying Italian at MSU was important to me because it helped me narrow the focus of my study of history both geographically and temporally.

It provided me with the opportunity and tools to study abroad in a beautiful and fascinating country.


Young woman in blue dress in front of cityscapeMarkaj, Elizabetta

2019, BA International Relations, Italian Minor

Studying Italian at Michigan State has been the highlight of my academic career. I earned a minor in Italian, served as MSU Italian Club President, studied abroad in Florence, and most importantly, gained the ability to speak to my family living in Italy.

The Italian program at Michigan State University is unique because the professors truly care about their students and are committed to helping them meet and exceed their language goals. I highly recommend studying Italian at MSU!

bmaxson2.JPGMaxson, Brian

2002, BA in History, BA Interdisciplinary Humanities
Asst. Dean & Assoc. Prof. East Tennessee St. University
My participation in the Summer Program in Florence was an important turning point in my life.  The trip was the first time that I or anyone else in my family had ever left the U.S., and it solidified a career path for me that has taken me far from the little town in northern Michigan where I grew up.  As a professor of history, I have had many opportunities to return to Italy to study & publish on that country’s incomparable cultural heritage.

Capture.JPGNotarberardino, Jessica

2015, Criminal Justice

Through the Italian language program, I not only learned a new language that I was interested in learning, but I was also given the opportunity to immerse myself further in my heritage. The professors were passionate about educating their students and were always willing to help both academically and professionally. It was definitely one of my most valuable experiences during my time at MSU.


Picture2.jpgOom, Aaron

2016, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Italian Minor

Studying abroad in Florence for 6 weeks was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! My Italian improved so much and I made some of my best friends on the program. 

I got to connect with my heritage through one of the most beautiful languages there is.

perainoa.JPGPeraino, Anthony

2015, Marketing BA, International Relations BA, Italian Minor

Studying Italian at MSU opened doors for me I never could have imagined. It allowed me to study abroad for a summer in Florence, forge close relationships with family in Sicily, earn two internships working for FIAT, and secure a full-time position with Alfa Romeo upon graduation.
I highly recommend pursuing the Italian Minor at MSU for anyone who is passionate about or interested in the Italian culture, language, or their heritage.

Picture3.jpgPollum, Kristi

Since I was young I’ve wanted to learn Italian, and in coming to MSU, I was finally able to. Italian may be a small program here, but the faculty do a phenomenal job teaching it, and are overly-willing to help you learn the language.

I did the Florence study abroad, and I can say that it helped my Italian improve immensely. I spent time talking to people in all sorts of places; on the street, on train rides, on the plane back - I was able to pick up skills everywhere.

 bion.JPGPomaville, Andrew

2016, History BA, Italian Minor

Deciding to study Italian was an immensely rewarding experience because I was able to learn a language I had always found intriguing and exciting. The professors at MSU ensured the experience was engaging and constructive and were committed to the student's learning. Being in the program was one of the highlights of my collegiate career as I truly enjoyed the program and have been able to implement it into my professional career. I would recommend the program without hesitations.



Capture.JPGSchofield, AnnMarie

1994, James Madison College - International Relations

MSU offered a great Italian program that incorporated the Italian language and culture. I was amazed by the history and beauty of Italy. I gained a greater appreciation for the differences in society, and a strong appreciation for other cultures. Knowing a second language helps you to understand other languages (latin roots).

Studying in Florence was the most memorable experience I will take away from going to MSU.


MScolin.jpgScollin, Matthew

2010, Italian Minor, Voice Performance

Studying Italian at MSU was truly a life-changing experience! What began as a simple prerequisite for my major developed into a passion for the Italian language, appreciation of the Italian culture, and the formation of priceless friendships.

Picture1.jpgSwain, Anthony

2015, Comparative Cultures & Politics
Studying Italian at MSU provided the solid foundation necessary for the language skills that allowed me to serve the U.S. State Department under multiple roles, including Italian language interpreter.
The education that I received from the Italian department also gave me the language and cultural competencies that aided in my selection as a Fulbright scholar and full time master student at Bocconi University in Milan, the top university in Italy for management and economics.