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The Italian language program at MSU enables students to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Italian. Our summer program in Florence utilizes full-immersion language instruction while promoting cultural engagement, global citizenship, and interdisciplinary work. Both on campus and abroad, our students combine their interest in Italy with their career goals. After completing their course of study they demonstrate to employers a recognized level of achievement in and knowledge of Italian (the sixth most studied language in the world) and the peoples and cultures of this key Mediterranean country.

Italian Faculty

DSC_1023 DeLorenzo scaled.jpgDe Lorenzo, Carmen





DSC_1054- De Luca Scaled.jpgDe Luca, Maria Teresa





 DSC_1030- Francese scaled.jpgFrancese, Joseph





 DSC_1040 Guzetta scaled.jpgGuzzetta, Juliet





 DSC_1020- Toby scaled.jpgToby, Jessica





 DSC_1045- ITL Group.jpg