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 Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Minor 


 A minor in Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS) encourages not only a greater appreciation of our classical past, but also a deeper contemplation of the traditions and ideas that have shaped our western society.


Requirements for the Minor in Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Minor Courses Offered

  • Complete a minimum of 18 credits from the courses listed below
  • Complete at least one of the listed courses at the 300-400 level
  • Complete one of the following courses (3 or 4 credits)
CLA 190 Introduction to Classics
HST 205 Ancient Mediterranean
IAH 221A The Ancient World


  • Complete at least one course in three of the following subject areas:
LTN 101  Elementary Latin I
LTN 102  Elementary Latin II
LTN 206  Nepos and Latin Prose
LTN 208  Catullus and Lucretius
LTN 305  Third-year Latin: Major Authors I
LTN 405  Fourth-year Latin: Major Authors II
GRK 101  Elementary Classical Greek I
GRK 105  Intensive Elementary Greek
GRK 205  Second-Year Classical Greek: Major Authors
GRK 305  Third-Year Classical Greek: Major Texts
The 100-level Latin or Greek courses used to fulfill a college or major language requirement cannot also be counted towards the minor. The courses can, however, be counted toward the minor if the language requirement is otherwise satisfied.
History/Art History:      
HA 209  Ancient Art
HST 330  Ancient Greek History
HST 331  Ancient Roman History
HST 481  Senior Seminar in Ancient History
Classical Texts in Translation:
IAH 231B  Law and Literature (requires approval of the minor advisor to ensure Classics and  Ancient Mediterranean-related content. Other related courses may count toward the minor with approval of the advisor.)
ENG 324            Readings in Epic
ANP 203  Introduction to Archaeology        
ANP 264  Great Discoveries in Archaeology
ANP 363  Rise of Civilizations
ANP 451  European Archaeology
ANP 455  Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
HA 401  Greek Art and Archaeology
HA 402  Roman Art and Archaeology
Philosophy/Religious Studies:
MC 270  Classical Republicanism                         
PHL 210  Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHL 410  Socrates and Plato Seminar
PHL 411  Aristotle Seminar
PLS 371  Classical Political Philosophy
REL 150  Introduction to Biblical Studies
REL 420  Birth of Christianity


As classical scholars are well aware, many traditions of the Greeks and Romans continue to influence our lives today. In fact, regardless of your major, there is a good chance you have studied parts of the classical world already.