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Links to key partners

The links at left will take you to several of the Department of Romance and Classical Languages partner centers, programs and departments, including:

- Driven by current and future real-world demand, the Center for Language Teaching Advancement's four primary functions are grounded in innovation and advancement and address the needs of language teachers and language students university-wide and in K-12 settings. They include enhanced and applied graduate student language learning and teacher training; collaboration on multiple levels with a diverse set of units across the campus and the community, paralleling similar collaboration of people and nations worldwide; the Community Language School (CLS) which is designed to help jumpstart K-12 students' language learning skills, and provides opportunities for MSU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students to work together in actual language classes; and professional testing and training for students to prepare and qualify them to take alternative approaches and paths to personal and professional success.

- The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) facilitates learning about this core region of the Americas. It is the nexus between the university curriculum, functional pathways that bring together students from diverse colleges, and fruitful collaborations with other institutions in the US and in the region. 

- The Center of Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at MSU was established in 1996 as a Language Resource Center (LRC) through a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education. As an LRC, CLEAR strives to promote and support the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the United States through its various projects and outreach activities. CLEAR is currently celebrating its 15th year of service to the language education community in the 2010-11 academic year.