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15c5c970266dfc99297ef24c63d10a1a_f335.jpgSarah Mécheneau is from Nantes, France and received her Licence at the University of Nantes in British and Russian Literature.  In 2009, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in English at Hope College in Michigan. Since receiving her M.A. in French Literature in 2011 at Michigan State University, she has been pursing a Ph.D in French Studies concentrating on 19th century French literature while also being active in the pedagogical field. She has been recognized at the Michigan World Language Association conference for her presentation on the use of French Rap and Hip Hop in the language classroom and has also been working on integrating French mangas and graphic novels in her teaching, putting a strong emphasis on teaching languages through communication and culture. 

In 2011 and 2013, the department of Romance and Classical Studies recognized her with the "Outstanding Teaching Assistant in French" award.

Besides teaching at Hope College and Michigan State University, she was a visiting international lecturer at Wofford College, South Carolina during the fall of 2013 and the interim term of January 2014. At Wofford College, she taught a French Film Seminar, a class on French Culture, French Grammar and a class entitled “Survival Kit for Crossing Cultures through the Graphic Novel, Film, and Photography”.

Her many interests include film studies, 19th century literature, second language acquisition, intercultural communication and the study of graphic novels, comics and mangas as mediums for cultural exploration.