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manon.jpgManon Pagé started her studies by attending a literary preparatory class to Grandes Ecoles. Even though her specialty has always been English literature, this formation allowed her to have an interdisciplinary perception of her topics as she had to attend history, geography, French, philosophy and German classes. In 2015, as an equivalence for this formation, she received a Licence degree in English literature and civilization at the University François Rabelais of Tours. Then, she chose to do a Research Master in which she wrote her first academic essay about the cruelty staged in Altmann’s Tongue by Brian Evenson (1994).

As a student in Anglophone studies, she really wanted to go and study abroad and thanks to the exchange program existing between her university in Tours and Michigan State University, she got to do a successful year as a master student in French and a teaching assistant in our department.

During that year 2016-2017 she was invited to talk for the round table "Marginalized Bodies: Creating Visibility Through Social Movements Around the World" during the Tropos Conference organized by the graduate students of the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University. She also travelled to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge to do a presentation called « Donner une parole aux oubliés de l’histoire et de la société française : l’écriture hybride d’une fille de Harki dans Moze de Zahia Rahmani » for the Graduate Conference « Contact and Migration in the French and Francophone world ».

That same year, the Department of Romance and Classical Studies also recognized her with the Outstanding Teaching Assistant in French award.

This coming year, she is going to be the co-chair of the Graduate Student Association, an organization aimed to promote academic and professional development among the department’s graduate students.