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Laura Romero Quintana is a Doctoral student in Hispanic Cultural Studies, CAL Scholar, and a TA of Spanish in our department. She has a B.A. and 'Licenciatura' in Spanish American Literature and a M.A. in Hispanic Cultural Studies from Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile. Her B.A. thesis (“Magic Realism, Narco-narrativas and Women’s Writing in Laura Restrepo’s Delirio” cum laude) brought her to the explore the fine line that examines canonical literary production (magic realism), women’s writings, and marginal genres
(narco-narrativa or narratives of drug-dealing culture). Her M.A. thesis (“Critical discourses on Chilean and Costa Rican Intellectual Women, 1920-1950”) also received the mention “cum laude” and has prepared her doctoral studies. Between 2011-2014, Laura received fellowships from  Fondecyt (Chile’s National Foundation of Education, Culture and Technology) to work as a research assistant in three projects on Fiction and Cultural Management, the Margins and the Urban in Latin American Cinema and Fiction, and Literature and Education (Chile 1843-1893). Her research interests include the literary production of Latin American Intellectual women, theoretical approaches to Cultural Studies and Feminist criticism.