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Pimbert.jpgJessica Pimbert decided to study the English language to become an English teacher for French students at first. After her first year in a Licence Lettres, Langues et Civilisations Etrangères in English in the Université François Rabelais in Tours, in France, she took an interest in Accounting and Managing studies for a while but it only made her realize that her interest for the English language and the many cultures of the countries in which it is spoken was the greatest. During her time in Accounting and Managing she also met many people who didn’t know English and she felt compelled to become an English teacher to introduce them to other languages but also to help them understand that a language is much more than just words and syntax. In her opinion, it translates a specific way to see the world, different from the one from their mother tongue (French) in some, if not many, aspects.

She completed her Licence Lettres, Langues et Civilisations Etrangères which allowed her to study American and British literature and history but also Linguistics with which she fell in love since this was what linked the language and the culture, something she wanted to share with others to make them understand how important it was in our multicultural world. This is how she started a two year Research Master’s degree in Linguistics (Linguistique Avancée et Interfaces Linguistiques) in the Université François Rabelais, which she completed in 2017 with a dissertation entitled “Une forme agrammaticale n’est-elle qu’une simple faute? Le cas du double comparatif périphrastique. Une étude de corpus.” In this dissertation she took an interest to forms alike to “more better”, usually considered as mistakes by English speaking people.

This last year in a Master’s degree confirmed her interest for linguistics, for research, and for the English language. In order to obtain a better understanding of the language and to fulfill her wish to become a doctor in linguistics and a teacher, she wanted to discover the United States, its people and its language in a new and more realistic way than what she had known so far and so, thanks to the exchange program between the Université François Rabelais and the Michigan State University, one of her greatest dream and the biggest adventure in her life so far, will now become reality.