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Will K. Reyes-Cubides

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M.A. in Romance Languages, Hispanic Studies | Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Education | Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá


Basic Language Instruction Coordinator for Spanish

Will K. Reyes-Cubides is the Academic Specialist of Curriculum Development for Spanish in the Department of Romance and Classical studies. In addition to working on curriculum development for the program, he serves as the immediate supervisor for all of the instructors and TAs in the 100 – 200 level program in Spanish, and responds to student concerns and grievances. During the past 20 years he has taught all levels of Spanish as well as English as a Second Language, Hispanic literature, linguistics, and cinema courses at various universities in the United States and in Colombia, and has also worked as a Language Program Coordinator for over 10 years. He has been the recipient of the Boston Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award; the Cornell University Public Service Award; the United States Department of Education Title II Grant, Massachusetts Coalition for Teacher Quality and Student Achievement, and the Inter American Prize for Educational Quality and Innovations at MIT granted by the Institute of Advanced Studies for the Americas (INEAM) of the Organization of American States (OAS).

He specializes in second language (L2) pedagogy, second language acquisition (SLA), curriculum design, web enhancements on classroom activities, the alignment of internal measures of language proficiency with national proficiency standards, and the assessment of the effect of technology on learning. His areas of interest also include software for language test design and development, L2 placement, HIV and AIDS biomedical, social and moral discourses in Latin America, LGBTQ+ studies and environmental issues in the Hispanic world.

In his spare time Will is a thespian and a painter, and volunteers in different countries around the world. He has taught ESL, Spanish and French in India and Tibet; he has also worked with children under the age of 6 in refugee camps in Palestine; he has given many talks regarding the social stigma associated with HIV and AIDS in local communities in Africa, and has helped with the general care of people affected by this pandemic.