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Maria Teresa De Luca
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Degree: Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics, Universität des Saarlandes. BA (Laurea in Lettere Moderne), Università del Salento

Position:  Instructor of Italian

Campus Address: B-480 Wells Hall

Phone: 517-884-6336

Email:  delucam6@msu.edu

Maria Teresa De Luca received her MA in Modern Letters with an emphasis in Philology from Università degli Study di Lecce (Italy), and her PhD in Romance Philology from the University of Saarland (Germany). In addition to Italian and English, Maria Teresa speaks German and French. She has teaching experience with Italian language courses; Italian linguistics.

Her interests include Italian lexicology, Italian lexicography and medieval vernacular translations. Her Ph.D. thesis is on the terminology of Italian linguistics and has been awarded the “Premio Giovanni Nencioni” by Accademia della Crusca. Prior to coming to MSU she worked as a research assistant at the Universität des Saarlandes (Germany) as a collaborator in the writing of Deonomasticon Italicum (Dizionario storico dei derivati da nomi geografici e da nomi di persona). She is a collaborator for LEI (Lessico Etimologico Italiano – Akademie der Wissenschaft und der Literatur, Mainz) and reviewer for the D.Hi.Co.D.E.R. (Dictionnaire historique des concepts descriptifs de l’éntite romane – ATILF CNRS/Université de Lorraine, Nancy). In relation to the project SALVIt (Studio, Archivio e Lessico dei Volgarizzamenti italiani, PRIN 2007) she is working on an edition of a southern Italian vernacular translation of an arithmetical treatise from the 15 Century. Maria Teresa teaches Italian language and linguistics and is currently teaching Second-Year Italian 201.