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Francesco D'Introno
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D'Introno's photo.jpgDegree: Doctorate in Linguistics, University of Paris, Sorbonne.

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor

Campus Address: B480 Wells Hall

Campus Telephone: 517-884-6342

Email: dintrono@msu.edu

Prof. D’Introno was born in Africa, and after living and studying in Italy and Venezuela, graduated with a doctoral degree in linguistics at the University of Paris, Sorbonne. He continued his studies with Noam Chomsky at MIT as a postdoctoral research fellow. He taught at Universidad Central de Venezuela until 1982, where he was chair of the Linguistics department, then at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Since 2008 he has been Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan and later at Michigan State University. He has published numerous articles and 6 books on Hispanic and Romance linguistics, three of them with Cátedra, considered the best publisher of social and humanities studies in Spain. He has also taught seminars or semester/ annual courses at various universities abroad (Rome, Italy; Oviedo, Spain – on a Fulbright -; Lima, Peru). While at the University of Massachusetts, where he held various administrative positions, he directed 6 dissertations and co-directed or was member of 13 dissertation committees on Hispanic or Romance Linguistics.