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Evelyne Leffondre-Matthews
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Evelyne's pic (002).jpgDegree: Ph.D. Michigan State University, 2014

Position: Assistant Professor of French

Research Interests: French and Francophone Literature and Film, Diaspora Studies, Postcolonial Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Francophone Sub-Saharan African film, WWI and WWII in Literature and film, SLA.

Campus Address: B-230 Wells Hall

Email: leffondr@msu.edu


My dissertation : France-Maghreb: Le voyage. Variations narratives spatio-temporelles sur écran diasporique, analyzed the representations of space and identity in Francophone “accented” cinema. My research was based on 21st century films by male and female French authors of Maghrebi origin.

 I have taught numerous French courses as a TA and Instructor at MSU between 2006 and 2014, and as a Visiting Assistant Professor at GVSU for the past 3 years. During the past semester, I also directed the French Writing Center at GVSU for third and fourth year students.

 I have presented papers at a number of conferences and contributed a chapter: “Polycentric Aesthetics through the lens of the Emancipated Subaltern” in Francophone Cultures and Geographies of Identity, Eds. Adlai Murdoch and Zsuzsanna Fagyal, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. UK (2013)

 I also had the privilege to work on the translation into French of two documentaries  produced and directed by Safoi Babana-Hampton: Hmong Memory at the Crossroads (2015) and Growing up Hmong at the Crossroads 2016). Both documentaries are a production of Michigan State University in partnership with the UIUC Humanities Without Walls award, funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation.