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Anna.jpgDegree: B.A. with Honors in Classical Studies, Hollins University; M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval Studies, University of Toronto; J.D. with Honors, Michigan State University College of Law.

Position: Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics and IAH

Research Interest: Medieval Manuscripts; Latin Language; Medieval Intellectual History; History of the Book; Philosophy and Law of Medico-legal Issues

Campus Address: B-480 Wells Hall

Phone: 517-884-6354

Email: grahama9@msu.edu

Anna Kirkwood Graham teaches Latin and Western Civilization (in IAH).  Her specialties include Latin manuscript studies, the Latin language, the History of the Book, and the reception of Aristotle in the Middle Ages.  She is the lead author of  the Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Dom Edmond Obrecht Collection of Gethsemani Abbey (2016), and articles in book history and Medieval Latin literature.