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Andreea Mica Prundeanu
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Andreea.jpgDegree:  Ph.D., Michigan State University, 2017

Position:  Assistant Professor of French – Fixed Term

Research Interest:  20th/21st century literature, armed conflict, gender and sexuality studies, cinema, genocide studies

Campus Address: B-480 Wells Hall

Campus Telephone: 517-884-6344

 Email:  micaprun@msu.edu

 Andreea Mica Prundeanu’s research is broadly concerned with the female body as a locus of patriarchal discourses, the notion of gendered violence in the context of armed conflict, and the confluence of identity, gender and nationalism. Her dissertation, “Cutting Delilah’s Hair: Sentimental Collaborators and the Politics of Female Sexuality in WWI/II France” explores fictional representations of female "sexual collaborators" in France during both world wars while her most recent research examines transgenerational trauma in the writings and testimonies of (illegitimate) Franco-German wartime children.

Andreea has taught a wide range of French courses at MSU since 2009 and has equally developed interdisciplinary IAH (Integrated Arts and Humanities) courses such as ‘Women and the World Wars’ and ‘Gendered Violence: Women and Armed Conflict’. In 2012, she spent a year teaching English at the Université François Rabelais in Tours, France and, upon her return, served as a French Language Mentor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH) at MSU. In 2015, Andreea returned to Tours as Study Abroad Program Assistant to the Director in Residence for the eight-week immersion program at the Institut de Touraine offered through the Romance and Classical Studies Department.