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Romance and Classical Studies faculty contribute regularly to interdisciplinary programs in African Studies, American Indian Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities, Integrative Studies in the Arts and Humanities, Jewish Studies, Muslim Studies and Second Language Acquisition. They also collaborate with CeLTA and CLEAR.

Classics Faculty

Frey, Jon Associate Professor of Classics & Art History freyjona@msu.edu 105D KAC
Kirkwood-Graham, Anna Assistant Professor of Classics & Latin (Fixed Term) grahama9@msu.edu B-480
Rauk, John Associate Professor of Classics rauk@msu.edu B-451
Conley, Brandon  Assistant Professor  conleyb7@msu.edu B-480

French Faculty

Ahmed, Ehsan Professor of French ahmede@msu.edu  
Professor of French babanaha@msu.edu B-461
Denzel, Valentina Associate Professor of French vdenzel@msu.edu B-362
Kanefsky, Matthew French Basic Language Instruction Coordinator kanefsky@msu.edu B-480
Olsen, Hannah French Language Instructor (Fixed Term) olsenhan@msu.edu B-370
Tuttle, Elizabeth  Assistant Professor  tuttlee1@msu.edu  B-356
Violin-Wigent, Anne Associate Professor of French violinwi@msu.edu B-352
Whitaker, Jena Assistant Professor of French (Fixed Term) whitak87@msu.edu B-230
Wolfgang, Aurora Professor of French aurorawg@msu.edu B-351

Italian Faculty

De Lorenzo, Carmen Instructor of Italian (Designation B) deloren5@msu.edu B-480
Francese, Joseph Distinguished Professor of Italian francese@msu.edu B-453
Guzzetta, Juliet Assistant Professor of Italian & English guzzetta@msu.edu C-644
Toby, Jessica Italian Language Instructor (Fixed Term) jntoby@msu.edu B-230

Portuguese Faculty

Gouveia, Saulo Associate Professor of Portuguese gouveias@msu.edu B-458
Estrada, Christopher Assistant Professor of Portuguese (Fixed Term) estrad57@msu.edu B-230

Spanish Faculty

Alfaraz, Gabriela Associate Professor of Spanish alfarazg@msu.edu B-350
Ausin, Adolfo Assistant Professor of Spanish (Designation B) ausin@msu.edu B-480
Barajas, Stacey Instructor of Spanish (Designation B) sbarajas@msu.edu B-480
Bartolo, Irma Instructor of Spanish (Designation B) bartoloi@msu.edu B-480
Boehm, Scott Assistant Professor of Spanish sboehm@msu.edu B-452
Bongiovanni, Silvina Assistant Professor of Spanish bongiov8@msu.edu B-363
Byron, Kristine Associate Professor of Spanish byronk@msu.edu B-353
Cabanas, Miguel Associate Professor of Spanish mcabanas@msu.edu B-457
Davis, Mark Assistant Professor of Spanish (Fixed Term) mdavis@msu.edu B-480
Díaz-Muñoz, Marco Assistant Professor of Spanish (Fixed Term) diazmarc@msu.edu B-480
Frederick, Michelle Spanish Language Instructor frede181@msu.edu B-480
Gabilondo, Joseba Associate Professor of Spanish joseba@msu.edu B-366
Garcia Hernandez, Viridiana Assistant Professor (Fixed Term) garci503@msu.edu B-230
Grubbs, Anthony Associate Professor of Spanish grubbsa@msu.edu B-304
Martin-Cabrera, Dora Spanish Language Instructor marti892@msu.edu B-480
Marquez-Guajardo, Alejandra Assistant Professor of Spanish amarquez@msu.edu B-363
Méndez, Danny Associate Professor of Spanish mendezda@msu.edu B-367
Morales, Francisco Spanish Language Instructor morale70@msu.edu B-480
Moreno-Mosqueda, Zenaida Assistant Professor of Spanish (Fixed Term) morenoze@msu.edu B-230
Moulding, Charles Spanish Language Instructor mouldin1@msu.edu B-230
Mudrovcic, Maria Professor of Spanish mudrovci@msu.edu B-455
Octavio, Carmen Assistant Professor  octavioc@msu.edu B-480
Quispe-Agnoli, Rocío Professor of Spanish quispeag@msu.edu B-355
Rodriguez-Pereira, Victor Assistant Professor of Spanish (Fixed Term) rodri783@msu.edu B-480
Ruifernández-Conde, Virginia Assistant Professor of Spanish (Fixed Term) ruiferna@msu.edu B-480
Wack, Krista Spanish Language Instructor bruenjes@msu.edu B-480

Faculty with Primary Appointments in Other Departments

Frey, Jon Art, Art History, & Design
Guzzetta, Juliet English
Paula, Leonora Residential College in the Arts & Humanities