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 Degree: Ph.D, Cornell University

 Position: Associate Professor, Spanish

 Research Interest: Contemporary Latin American Literature

 (Colombia and Mexico). Focus on Gender, Media,  

 Cultural Studies and Theater.

 Campus Address: B363 Wells Hall

 Phone: (517) 709-8680

 Email: sblake@msu.edu 

Elvira Sánchez-Blake is Associate Professor of Latin American literature and culture at Michigan State University.  She specializes in contemporary Colombian and Mexican narratives. Her publications include Patria se escribe con sangre (Anthropos, 2000), testimonials by women in the Colombian conflict, and Espiral de silencios (Beamount, 2009), a novel based on recent Colombian historical events.  She also co-authored the anthology, Voces Hispanas Siglo XXI: Entrevistas con autores en DVD(Yale University Press, 2005), and the critical edition, El universo literario de Laura Restrepo (Taurus, 2007).  She is currently working on a book about women and madness in Latin American literature, exploring gender and political intersections in postmodern literature. Professor Sánchez-Blake also has published numerous articles in professional journals and collective editions. For more information seehomepage.