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doug noverr.jpgWelcome to the Department of Romance and Classical Studies. All the resources and energies of this department are directed to the students' acquisition and use of languages they have chosen to study, whether it be French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, or Latin. The faculty are committed to making the study of languages exciting and rewarding with the goal of proficiency and fluency always in sight. A primary emphasis is put on the spoken use of the language in informal and formal situations since speaking is how people express their lives and culture and how they share their emotions and thoughts as well as think about and assess their lives. Comprehending and understanding language through reading it and expressing it in writing accompany speaking as essential processes. The history, culture, and aspirations of a language group are embedded in its written documents and literature. Language acquisition opens the portals of cultural understandings and enables one to participate in a wider, different world that can become knowable and appreciated. This participation could be in an ancient culture like Greece or the Roman Empire or in contemporary cultures and societies. At its root language is the study of peoples, societies, eras or periods of history as a means of understanding the human experience in a more comprehensive way by learning and speaking and reading their language, by participating actively and directly in their common culture and heritage. That's an exciting and promising adventure and one this department is committed to fostering. How far and where that adventure takes you is limited only by your commitment to acquiring and using the language.

-Professor Douglas A. Noverr, Interim Chairperson