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This year, Department of Romance & Classical Studies has been a part of many exciting events. These events are those which help students understand the importance of studying, how a degree from our department can be used in the real world, and the job possibilities there are abroad! These are some of our favorites!

Unpacking Study Abroad!

unpackin3.jpgThis event brought up the question, "I've studied abroad, now what?" Through sharing their experiences of studying abroad with other students who were also just returning from studying abroad, and advisors, students learned the best way to talk about their experiences that could benefit them in the future.



individual.jpg'My ATM card got eaten and I was no where near a bank in a country I could hardly speak the language in,' becomes 'I'm resourceful in stress inducing situations and am able to think quickly on my feet.' Any situation can be swung in a direction that an employer wants to hear, and this event helped students understand and learn how to transform the events in their head. As well as offer and fun and insightful environment where you can share and hear adventures from all of the world!

Language Works!

IMG_0806.jpgThis exciting event was held in October and had a group of Alums return to share where their degree from CAL has gotten them in the employment world. Including Lea Hiliker, BA in Spanish, and Jordan Rotter, BA in French. This event offered a short discussion where panelist briefly described their jobs and how their degree helped them get to where there are today. 


This was followed by opening the floor up to questions where students in attendance were able to pose questions either to a specific panelist or all of them in general about the job market, about how to market yourself with a language degree, and other topics the panelist had plenty of experience in!



Teaching Abroad!

abroad.jpgThis February event once again brought together Spartan Alums who studied a language on the banks of the Red Cedar. This event was more specific to those wishing to Teach Abroad at some point in their lives or to know what valor teaching abroad would have if their end goal wasn't teaching. The panelist format was used once again, and this time we were lucky enough to Skype in Joe Cornacchio from CIS Education which is a company that helps place language teachers around the world! The panelists offered a variation of advice and experience which was very good for all of the attendees to here whether their future goals involved teaching or not!

International Coffee Hour & The Amazing Race!

This year, the department helped our three main language clubs, Spanish, French & Italian, host two events. One in the Fall semester, the other later in the Spring semester. In the Fall, International Coffee Hour offered a relaxing environment where students and faculty alike gathered over snacks and drinks to get to know each other.

      12120158_747389158738592_225861866730308602_o.jpg 12080322_747389178738590_6411736282424220881_o.jpg 12141120_747389145405260_3333914156327102997_o.jpg

In the Spring, the clubs were brought back together and held an Amazing Race event. At this event, each club at booths set up with culturally inquisitive tasks for the participants who, if completed the tasks on time, would receive a ticket to put into the drawing for Starbucks gift cards! The fast paced event was fun for faculty and students alike!

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