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Change is hard, and the future is scary, especially for students facing the real world after graduating. But with all the exciting things Spartan alumni have done, it's hard not to feel excited for the opportunities that await out there. Read more about what an alumnus has done since graduating below!

Alison Trainor

new york photo.jpgSince graduating from MSU with a BA in Spanish, I've been working at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City as a Clinical Research Coordinator. I work on two research studies where I conduct interviews in English and Spanish with patients who have had a heart attack or stroke. Our research aims to find correlations between the stress patients feel in the hospital, and the development of PTSD and depression after they're discharged. We also look at different health habits like physical activity and sleep, and how their mental health state affects their physical health. My Spanish degree greatly prepared me for this position since I'm communicating with Spanish speakers everyday, and the minor I got in Health Promotion further qualified me to be working in a health care setting. The Spanish linguistics courses that I took in undergrad have really helped in my current position since I'm constantly talking with participants from different Spanish-speaking countries, which means I have to be able to accommodate to a variety of dialects each day. In addition to my professional life, my study abroad program in Valencia, Spain helped me gain the confidence to move far from Michigan after graduation. Valencia taught me how to interact with new people in a new setting, and even how to navigate public transportation - a now daily occurrence living in the Big Apple!