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We are very proud to have an active student body here at Michigan State. Community outreach, fundraising, and sharing of a new culture are all some of the activities these clubs accomplish throughout an academic year. Participating in clubs helps students get a wider variety of experiences in their new languages with other students and faculty they have been yet to meet! Here are some of the highlights from the year!

Michigan State French Club

BreadNight.jpgDuring the 2017-18 academic year, the French club has been very active and diverse in its offerings. It held a conversation hour at least every other Tuesday and hosted cultural events at least once a month. We started with a fund raising football (soccer) game against the Italian, German, and Brazilian clubs, appropriately nicknamed the “MSU World Cup”. There were also presentations on the TAPIF program to encourage students to teach English in France for a year, on superstitions in France, and a very popular one on swearing in Quebec and in France. Numerous events included food, of course, such as fondue night, baking night (with clafoutis), and bread and cheese night. We also watched Gad Elmaleh’s latest comedy piece and Bon Cop Bad Cop 2. Finally, members engaged in game night, craft night, as well as the Haitian Children’s book project during which we wrote and illustrated children’s books that will be sent to Haiti next year, after we make a few more.

For any questions about the French club or to make donations, please contact the faculty advisor, Anne Violin-Wigent at violinwi@msu.edu