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Claire Netemeyer, Study Abroad: Santander, Spain
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Claire Netemeyer 
Major: Spanish Secondary Education; Minor: Communicative Sciences and Disorders (CSD)
Study Abroad: Santander, Spain - Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture


My favorite part of my study abroad experience is staying with a host family. My “madre” is a widowed mother of five children. Her husband passed away unexpectedly when he was 38, so she went to work to be able to provide for her five kids. She is one of the strongest women I know, and she has played a huge role in teaching me the culture of Spain. Every morning we watch the news together and talk about current events and politics. Not only has this improved my Spanish, but I now have a greater understanding of everyday life in Spain. If I could only tell someone studying abroad one thing, it would be that they should stay with a host family – it has been my favorite part of the experience.

Studying abroad has pushed me to be better in a lot of different ways. The classroom setting is different, so learning in a different style taught me ways to adapt and develop different study habits. Also, being on a study abroad has allowed me to spend time with a lot of different people at MSU that usually I would not cross paths with. It has been so fun to hang out with people who have very different interests than me, and I look forward to bringing back these lifelong friends to Lansing with me!