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Carmen De Lorenzo, Italian
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During the weekend of April 6th and April 7th the Department of Romance and Classical Studies in collaboration with national sponsors and the Italian Consulate in Detroit hosted for the first time on campus the Italian Film Festival USA 2018. The idea for the festival came from our Italian Program Coordinator Carmen De Lorenzo, who is one of the members of the IFFUSA National Committee. This event is completely free and happens at the same time in many different cities in the USA. For this edition of the festival, three contemporary Italian films were shown in Wells Hall B122: ‘Easy’ by Andrea Magnani (Friday night); ‘Funne: Sea dreaming Girls’ by Katia Bernardi (Saturday afternoon); and 2018 Shorts Program Selection (Saturday evening). Director Katia Bernardi and co-producer Davide Valentini attended the festival and were graciously answering the audience’s questions for almost 45 minutes. Students, faculty and members of the Lansing community participated to our festival with a full house in both nights. We would like to thank Tanner Schudlich and the RCS staff for all their help and patience; our MSU Italian Club students volunteers: Elizabetta Markaj, Noelle Cohn and Morgan McNeely. After the event our department received several messages from spectators of the festival enthusiastic about the initiative. After this first great start we hope that the Italian Film Festival becomes a bright spot on people’s calendars for springs to come. 

In addition, starting on August 16 of this year, Ms. Carmen De Lorenzo will coordinate the Italian language program.