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Iyana Williams, Bike & Build
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Iyana_1.jpgLast summer I was fortunate enough to participate in a regional bike trip with a non-profit organization called Bike & Build. A team of 32 other young adults ranging from 18-27 years old and I biked over the course of 3 weeks from Bar Harbor, ME to New York, NY. It was an experience I will never forget. Bike & Build is an organization that is in support of the affordable housing cause, so along the way we were able to work with multiple affordable housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together. It was an experience that impacted my life in a tremendous way. Aside from making a huge group of wonderful friends, having my only job everyday being riding my bike from point A to point B, and seeing the beautiful coasts on the East side of the US, I learned how to invest myself in communities around me. Aside from raising awareness for the affordable housing cause, Bike & Build's missions is to "empower young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement,” and now more than ever I feel well equipped to do that. I enjoyed last summer so much that this summer I will be doing Bike & Build again, accept for 3 months, and across the country from Jacksonville, FL to Monterey, CA!