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We are very proud to have an active student body here at Michigan State. Community outreach, fundraising, and sharing of a new culture are all some of the activities these clubs accomplish throughout an academic year. Participating in clubs helps students get a wider variety of experiences in their new languages with other students and faculty they have been yet to meet! Here are some of the highlights from the year!

Michigan State French Club

The Michigan State UnivFrench_2.jpgersity French Club promotes greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the French language and francophone cultures. We provide cultural, linguistic, and networking opportunities for students and community members alike through weekly conversation tables, monthly cultural events, career workshops, educational and social field trips, and more. Past have events have included crêpes night, a film screening, and many other group bonding activities. Our club logo is a hybrid of La Francophonie's multicolored logo- to represent our focus on all francophone cultures- and the fleur de lys, the symbol of French language and heritage here in North America. The club has grown leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings, offering students and community members language practice, networking, and cultural learning opportunities throughout the year. We look forward to continued growth and success in the future with all of our members. We hope to see you at one of our events soon! Merci et à toute à l'heure!French_3.jpg

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Michigan State Spanish Club


This year, Spanish Club was filled with a variety of events. We started with a scavenger hunt that led students to well-known attractions on campus using clues written in Spanish. We had Spanish movie and game nights as well as instructor-led Flamenco and Mambo dance lessons. Later, we enjoyed listening to a special performance for the club by Professor Cabañas and his band Cuatro Sur. Members expanded their palates this year by trying different ethnic foods, including a Spanish cooking night led by MSU Spanish instructors and club dinners at Los Tres Amigos and Cancun Mexican Grille. We had a volunteer event at Pinecrest Elementary for the school's cultural event night and worked with children on various Spanish-inspired games, including La Lotería. The MSU Spanish Club is open to all students who would like to gain exposure to the Spanish language and culture outside the classroom. We hope you will join us at future events. ¡Hasta luego!

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Michigan State Italian Club

Italian Club_ collage.jpgJoin the MSU Italian Club to learn about Italian, make great friends, participate in fun events, and most importantly, enjoy good food!  

At "La Tavola", we have meetings every week. Regular meetings are held bi-weekly, which include language learning games, bocce ball, movie screenings, and everyone's favorite: cooking nights.Just this semester, we have implemented conversation nights that take place every other week, which are held at Iorio's Gelateria just south of campus. Here, people anywhere from beginners to fluent speakers can immerse themselves in discussion and practice their Italian.

Besides regular meetings and conversation nights, we host big events too. This fall, we held an "Italian Career Event", which brought in multiple employers and alumni to give students the opportunity to network and learn about Italian in different industries. We also go to operas occasionally, and have guest speakers come in to talk to us. This spring, we are teaming up with the Dante Alighieri Society and hosting a presentation about the presence of Italian Americans in Detroit. We are also in conjunction with the National Italian American Foundation as well as the Italian American Club of Lansing, so stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!Italian Club_2.jpgItalian Club_1.jpg