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RCS is also very proud to have an exceedingly active group of graduate students. This year they have helped put on many events. Below is a summary of those events! 

 Professional/Graduate Writing Workshop

Writing workshop.jpgIn January, GSA-TROPOS co-sponsored an event with the Department of Linguistics & Germanic, Slavic, Asian and African Languages and the Department of Romance and Classical Studies to focus on professional and graduate writing. The four hour event guided students step-by-step through the writing process of doctoral dissertations. First, the focus was on how to write a proposal for one's doctoral dissertation. Next, attendees received tips on writing the doctoral dissertation, with lunch breaking up the two sessions on dissertation writing. Finally, the students learned information on how to transform a doctoral dissertation into an academic book. Workshop presenters included: Professor Safoi Babana-Hampton, Professor Danny Méndez, Professor Doug Noverr, and Professor Rocío Quispe-Agnoli.

16th TROPOS Conference "Sickening Discourses: Bodies, diseases, and violence in the Romance World"

Sickening Discourses Flyer.jpg

TROPOS_1.JPGTROPOS_2.jpgOctober 21-22 marked the 16th GSA Tropos Conference! The attendees participated in discussion on how violence is used in literature and how the body cannot escape from the violence associated with it. Keynote speakers included Dr. Jean Franco from Columbia University and Dr. Adriana Garriga-López from Kalamazoo College.

Here is an overview of the panels and discussions:

Opening Event: Round Table and Discussion, "On Cruel Modernity: A conversation with Jean Franco"

Panel #2: "Cuerpos enfermos y sexualidad en América Latina"

Round Table and Discussion: "Marginalized Bodies: Creating visibility through social movements around the world"

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Adriana Garriga López: "Semiotic Violences of Zika, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mosquito"

Panel #3: "From Sade to Current French Politics of Gender and Sexuality: Questioning Normativity"

Panel #4: "Terror urbano y violencia normalizada en la producción fílmica latinoamericana contemporánea"

Panel #5: "Patologías corpóreas en el Caribe"

Panel #6: "Representaciones literarias del trauma histórico en el mundo hispano"

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Jean Franco: "The Mutilated Body. An Icon of Contemporary Mexico"

The conference was a success and was made possible by the hard work and leadership of the GSA/Tropos Executive Committee, the guidance and support their advisor, Professor Rocío Quispe-Agnoli, Dr. Douglas Noverr, and graduate secretary, Leann Dalimonte. Tropos would also like to thank faculty and graduate students form the Department of Romance and Classical Studies, as well as the Center for Latin American Studies and Global Studies in the Arts and Humanities.


 46th Tropos Anniversary: Call for Manuscripts

Call for manuscripts flyer.png

Violence is a recurrent theme in the cultural production of the Romance world. Scholars and artists have examined the aesthetic and political representations of violence, whether physical, psychological, emotional, institutional, linguistic, or a mix of them. The body is often portrayed as both an agent and a victim of violence. It has been nearly impossible for the body to escape from the violence associated with and caused by those in a position of power. How do those in power exercise acts of violence, and in turn become agents of sickening discourses? In turn, how do victims react to the violence suffered at the hands of their perpetrators (or themselves)?