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Undergrad Events

This year, Department of Romance & Classical Studies has been a part of many exciting events. These events are those which help students understand the importance of studying, how a degree from our department can be used in the real world, and the job possibilities there are abroad! These are some of our favorites!


PLATICAS.jpgPLÁTICAS isthe name for our Spanish conversation tables that meet biweekly. Speakers of all levels of Spanish gather in Wells Hall to practice their Spanish fluency and eat some snacks. This year, we were fortunate to have native Panamanians visiting MSU's campus that attended a series of PLÁTICAS meetings during the spring semester. They were an invaluable part of the conversation tables as they helped Spanish learners practice their Spanish as well as asked questions about English grammar and vocabulary. PLÁTICAS is a great place to come and practice Spanish while learning more about Spanish and English. !Ven y practica tu español. 

  Teaching Abroad!

Teach Abroad_1.jpg

This February event once again brought together Spartan Alumni who studied a language on the banks of the Red Cedar. This event was more specific to those wishing to Teach Abroad at some point in their lives or to know what valor teaching abroad would have if their end goal wasn't teaching. The panelist format was used once again and the panelists offered a variation of advice explaining the different teach abroad options that exist as well has how to navigate the application process. A variety of organizations provided informational materials as well. The panelists were able to tell their unique experiences to give more insight to the great opportunities that exist when teaching abroad!

Teach Abroad_4.jpgTeach Abroad_2.jpg






 Italian Career Event!

 Italian_1.jpgThe Italian Career Event was a joint event held in the International Center and hosted by the RCS Department, MSU Career Services and Italian Club. The event was open to all students and included team of panelists of alumni and industry leaders. The panelists provided a range of information regarding opportunities for students and alumni to work and intern with Italian companies and/or study at Italian institutions. This informative event was well-received by students and something that the departments would like to see continue in the future.  








Undergraduate Opportunities

This year the department added some unique educational opportunities for students. We hope to continually introduce new opportunities for the members of RCS.

Flint Water Crisis Translation Opportunity

Flint water crisis red graphic.pngThis year, advanced level Spanish students were invited to aid the city of Flint with translating information material about water safety practices into Spanish. The Genesee Health System in Flint developed information videos with English subtitles and Spanish students at MSU are currently helping translate those subtitles into Spanish. The goal of this project is to make the informational videos become useful to a wider audience with the incorporation of a second language.

Puerto Rico Study Away Program

PR-Group at UPR.jpg

PR-Group in LaresPR.jpg

PR-ServiceLearning .jpgLanguage, Culture, and Service in Puerto Rico is a study away program designed for students who have completed SPN 202 or its equivalent. During this program, students will spend four weeks in San Juan, Puerto Rico, living in home stays, taking classes, and experiencing life in La Isla del Encanto. Students will participate in service learning activity and in a number of excursions to places like El Yunque rainforest, the caves in Camuy, and the Bioluminescent Bay.