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It's not a surprise our student Spartans are so driven and talented when we look at what the faculty who teach them is doing during the academic year. All while instructing an insane amount of classes and inspiring second language and culture acquisition, these faculty members are taking on amazing and exciting adventures that all demand grueling hours of work! From making movies, to writing books, to research that takes them around the world, our faculty prove each and everyday that having them here on the banks of the Red Cedar is a victory for MSU!

First off, we would like to mention 2016 Faculty Awards!

Rocio Award (002).jpgRocío Quispe-Agnoli, Professor of Spanish, 2016 Faculty Leadership Award, College of Arts and Letters Michigan State University. This award seeks to recognize, honor and reward the kind of leadership that embraces collaboration and joint deliberation, facilitates active and deliberate problem-solving, and engages in goal-setting, and consensus development. 




VDenzel Award.jpg

Valentina Denzel, Assistant Professor of French, 2016 Innovation & Leadership Award for Faculty, College of Arts and Letters Michigan State University.





safoi link copy.jpgClick here to find out more about Professor Safoi Babana-Hampton's film project, documenting lives of the French Hmong population!


Saulo link.jpgClick here to find out more about Professor Saulo Gouveia's newest research project about the 'three Americas' about the troubling state of the world's environment.


danny link.jpgClick here to find out about Professor Danny Méndez's upcoming chapter to be published in a collection later this year!


anna link.jpgClick here to find out more about Professor Anna Norris' intensive research around French survivors of the Holocaust. 


rqa link.jpgClick here to find out more about Professor Rocio Quispe-Agnoli's interesting projects involving research about the path of Incan women throughout history!


bvp link.jpgClick here to learn more about Professor Bill VanPatten's newest brain child, Tea with BVP, a podcast about second language learning!