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Degree: Ph. D. , University of Texas at Austin

Position: Professor of Spanish & Second Language Studies; Director of Language Instruction

Research Interest: input  processing, the interface between input processing and acquisition, morpho-syntacticrelationships, instructed SLA

Campus Address: B 351 Wells Halls

Phone: (517) 884-6312

Email: bvp@msu.edu

Prof. VanPatten is internationally known for his work in second language acquisition and second language instruction, with special emphases on input processing, processing and parsing more generally, the interface between input processing and acquisition, morpho-syntactic relationships, and instructed SLA. He has published six books, seven edited volumes, six language textbooks, and 100 articles and book chapters. Two of his articles are listed in the top ten citations for articles in Studies in Second Language Acquisition and he has received local and national awards

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