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The purpose of the RCS-GSA-Tropos is to promote academic and professional development for the Masters and Ph.D. students of the Romance and Classical Studies department. It also aims to provide opportunities with educational and social interactions by offering a series of presentations, seminars and workshops, among others. The idea is to facilitate their success as graduate students, to ease the transition to the professional/academic world, and to develop a culture of research in our community.

 GSA-Tropos Constitution

TROPOS Journal

TROPOS Graduate Conference

 GSA-TROPOS membership is open to all Michigan State University students.

  2015-2017 GSA-Board members

 Co-Chair   José Adrián Badillo 
 Co-Chair   Osvaldo Sandoval
 Treasurer    Claudia Berríos-Campos  
 Secretary   Jonathan Montalvo
 Historian  Giovanni Salazar Calvo
Historian Andisheh Ghaderi
   Public Relations     Judith Fuente Cuesta
 Faculty Adviser  Rocío Quispe-Agnoli