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The Department of Romance and Classical Studies offers five graduate degrees: an M.A. in French, a Ph.D. in French Language and Literature, an M.A. in Hispanic Literature, an M.A. in Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language (formerly know as Applied Spanish Linguistics), and a Ph.D. in Hispanic Cultural Studies.

The M.A. program in French allows students with a B.A. in French to further their studies in the French language, culture, and literature, while preparing them to further their career. Most of our M.A. graduates continue on to a Ph.D. program at MSU or elsewhere, or become certified high school teachers. Others pursue careers in translation, sustainable development, editing, advising study abroad programs, among others.

The Ph.D. program in French Language and Literature offers several options which allow the doctoral students to work with a truly personalized degree, while retaining a strong foundation in French literature and culture. In recent years, dissertations have focused on Rabelais, 17th-century Theater, 20th-century holocaust writings, francophone children literature, the language in the banlieue, and the effect of text genre on reading comprehension. All of our recent Ph.D. graduates have successfully been placed in tenure-track or temporary positions in colleges and universities.

The M.A. program  in Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language (formerly known as Applied Spanish Linguistics), is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced study in Spanish linguistics, with a focus on the psycholinguistic aspects of second language acquisition and the sociolinguistics of language contact. The program intends to meet the needs and goals of students who seek academic preparation to pursue advanced work in these fields.

The M.A. program in Hispanic Literatures is designed primarily for students who plan to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree, and to join the faculties of colleges or universities as scholars and teachers. The program prepares students in the language, literatures, and cultures of the Hispanic world, with an emphasis on literary, linguistic and cultural studies and scholarly investigation.

The Ph.D. program in Hispanic Cultural Studies prepares students in the literatures, languages, and cultures of the Hispanic world. Students who are enrolled in this program will select a primary and a secondary area of emphasis, and may elect an emphasis in interdisciplinary studies.

Students enrolled in the above-mentioned programs have access to a Spanish and French teaching experience at the college level in the traditional classroom as well as in digital environments. They also participate in research-oriented activities, academic interdisciplinary emphasis and service to the University community at large.


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