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“Subalternity in the Romance World: (In)Equality of Speech?”

This round table reflects on kinds of subalternity in the Romance world and whether subalterns do speak and are actually being heard and by whom. Departing from their different study areas related to the Romance world, participants will address the issue of (in)equality of speech and (in)visibility of actions and agency of individuals or social groups that may be referred to as subalterns. Each participant is asked to reflect and provide brief answers to the following questions:

  • How do we define “subaltern” in our areas of study? (Or who are considered “subalterns” in the areas we study?)
  • Can these subalterns speak AND being heard?
  • Do we (as scholars and teachers) seek for the subalterns to leave the place of subalternity once they speak and are heard? Or are we speaking for them while keeping them in subalternity?
    • Professor Scott Boehm, Spanish
    • Dr. Joseph Francese, Italian
    • Professor Valentina Denzel, French
    • Professor Danny Méndez, Latin America
    • Professor Marilia Ribeiro, Portuguese
    • Professor Safoi Babana-Hampton, French
    • Professor Rocío Quispe-Agnoli, Spanish



Left to Right: Professor Babana-Hampton, Professor Ribeiro, Professor Mendez, Dr. Francese, Professor Denzel, Professor Boehm