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Awards Ceremony 2013
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Outstanding TA:  Sarah Mecheneau
Outstanding Student:  Elizabeth Hill
Dr. Johannes Sachse Memorial Award:                   Kaitlin Polzin
Dorothy Carr Houvener Memorial Scholarship:            Daniel Buhlinger, Kevin Westfield, Deanna Christy, Rama Karolin Kadri
Hermann H. Thornton Award:  Linnea Jimison                       


Outstanding TA:  Andrew Wrobel
Outstanding Student:  Marielle Petranoff
Outstanding Contributor Award:  Jonathan Montalvo
Dr. Johannes Sachse Memorial Award:  Diomedes Solano-Rabago
Ella Cowles Award:  Maria Elena Navedo


Outstanding Student:  Brianna Acker


Outstanding Student:  Lucca Daniel Green


Outstanding Student in Italian:  Corey Lentz, Anthony Swain
Arthur & Huguette Sirianni Award:  Evan Hayden, Anthony Peraino
Hermann H. Thornton Award:  Mary Northfell


 Photos of faculty and awardees

awards 2013 1.jpg

Students of Italian recognized by their Instructor Carmela De Lorenzo for their outstanding academic achievements and involvement in departmental life and events.  From left to right, Anthony Swain, Arielle LaBrecque, Mary Northfell, Carmela De Lorenzo, Antony Peraino, Evan Hayden, Corey Lentz, Mario DiMercurio, Andew Hugh, at the Annual Department Awards Ceremony, April 12, 2013

awards 2013 2.JPG

 From left to right, students of French Deanna Christy, Rama Kadri and Kevin Westfield were the 2012-13 recipients of the Houvener Memorial Scholarship for their outstanding academic achievements, at the Annual Department Awards Ceremony, April 12, 2013.

awards 2013 3.JPG

 Professor Nancy Marino with awardee

awards 2013 4.JPG

 Professor Ehsan Ahmed and Professor Safoi Babana-Hampton with awardees