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Welcome to Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University! Our department fosters knowledge of the human experience as expressed historically and globally in the Romance and Classical languages. Together, students and faculty study French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and the cultures throughout the world where they are spoken and written, as well as the classical languages and cultural heritage of Greece and Rome. We enable students to become proficient in these languages, literatures and cultures, and to think critically about their world.

Our department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in French and Spanish; undergraduate minors in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and in Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies; and Teacher Certifications in French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. Graduate study leads to Master of Arts degrees in French Studies, Hispanic Literatures and Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language, as well as to Doctoral degrees in French Studies and Hispanic Cultural Studies. Our students develop and apply their knowledge and skills through the extracurricular activities and study abroad opportunities in Europe and Latin America.



  • Professor Bill VanPattenCongratulations to Bill VanPatten, Professor of Spanish and Second Language Studies and Language Program Director, for receiving the 2015 Robert G. Mead Distinguished Leadership Award, from The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. This award distinguished Professor VanPatten as an outstanding leader in effective language instruction and scholar in the field of second language acquisition.

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  • Professor Rocio Quispe AgonliCongratulations to Rocío Quispe-Agnoli who, last June, was promoted to Full Professor of Hispanic Studies by the Michigan State University Board of Trustees. Her latest publications include Mirrors and Mirages: Women's Gaze in Hispanic Literature and Visual Arts (monographic issue of CIEHL, fall 2015) and Nobles de papel: identidades oscilantes y genealogías borrosas de María Joaquina Inca y su familia (Madrid: Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2015).

    She will be recognized by Provost Youatt and President Simon in a formal dinner and ceremony on November 17, 2015.


  • Professor Joseba GabilondoCongratulations to Joseba Gabilondo who has been selected as 2015-2016 Research Fellow at the European Studies Center, Oxford University, with a project entitled 'Basque Intellectuals and the Articulation of Spanish Neoliberal Nationalism." He has also been awarded, in a collaborative project with professor K. Hooper (Warwick University, UK), a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for their collaborative project "Imperial Entanglements: Transoceanic Basque Networks in British and Spanish Colonialism and their Legacies."


  • Dr. Douglas A. Noverr's MSU Book Cover

    Interim Chairperson, Dr. Douglas A. Noverr, recently published his book on the history of MSU The Rise of a Research University and the New Millennium, 1970-2005. In the 1960s and ’70s, Michigan State College transformed into the major research institution known today as Michigan State University, a true “megaversity.” Michigan State University, the final volume of this trilogy, explores the history of that transformation and the growing pains the school endured as it became a part of the American Association of Universities.


Film trailer: http://hmc.cal.msu.edu/film-trailer/


 Welcome to our new graduate students!


Group of new Graduate Students Fall 2015

L to R: Brian Dunbar (MA Spanish), Andisheh Ghaderi (MA French), Wendy Hedstrom (MA French), Irene Momanyi (MA French), Ross Smith (MA Spanish), Giovanni Salazar (PhD Spanish), and Charles Moulding (MA Spanish), Not Present: Virginie Jubeau (MA French).


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  • French Materialism: From the Marquis De Sade to Punk Feminism Exhibit
    2015-12-14 10:00:00 2015-12-14 18:00:00 40 French Materialism: From the Marquis De Sade to Punk Feminism Exhibit

    Exhibit: December 14th - January 21st in the MSU Main Library

    Grad Class SS16: "The Marquis de Sade: from Materialism to Popular Culture and Feminist Theory"

    Guest Lectures" Dr. Grey (Philosophy) on French materialist philosophy, Dr. Steinberg (History) on terror and violence in 18th century France

    French Materialism Flyer

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  • TROPOS 39 Manuscript Submission Deadline
    2016-01-11 08:00:00 2016-01-11 23:59:00 40 TROPOS 39 Manuscript Submission Deadline

    Deadline to submit manuscripts to Tropos 39 (to be published in late spring of 2016).

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  • Premiere: Hmong Memory at the Crossroads
    2016-02-15 16:00:00 2016-02-15 19:00:00 40 Premiere: Hmong Memory at the Crossroads


    Premiere of "Hmong Memory at the Crossroads" 2/15/16 at 7:00PM. Event free and open to the public.

    Kellogg Center Auditorium

    219 South Harrison Road, East Lansing MI 48823

    Hmong Flyer

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  • i-Narratives in the Romance World
    2016-04-20 17:00:00 2016-04-20 19:00:00 40 i-Narratives in the Romance World

    A round table on writings of/about the self with faculty members of the Romance and Classical Studies department.

    B-100 Wells Hall false YYYY/MM/DD

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