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Welcome to Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University! Our department fosters knowledge of the human experience as expressed historically and globally in the Romance and Classical languages. Together, students and faculty study French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and the cultures throughout the world where they are spoken and written, as well as the classical languages and cultural heritage of Greece and Rome. We enable students to become proficient in these languages, literatures and cultures, and to think critically about their world.

Our department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in French and Spanish; undergraduate minors in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and in Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies; and Teacher Certifications in French, Italian, Latin and Spanish. Graduate study leads to Master of Arts degrees in French Studies, Hispanic Literatures and Spanish as a Second or Bilingual Language, as well as to Doctoral degrees in French Studies and Hispanic Cultural Studies. Our students develop and apply their knowledge and skills through the extracurricular activities and study abroad opportunities in Europe and Latin America.

 Vision Statement

As part of its vision, Romance and Classical Studies aims to become recognized as a national leader in innovative research and teaching while preserving the values of the core curriculum. To this end, we will:

  1. Advance and disseminate linguistic, literary, and cultural research on Ancient Greece and Rome and the Romance world, their complex legacies and transnational ramifications. The range of this research addresses the diversity of human experience by considering the individual and social issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and geopolitical identity, as expressed in language and culture.
  2. Form engaged citizens who participate critically in local and global communities and who navigate the world's ever-changing dynamics by furthering students' cultural understanding through broad and rigorous curricular initiatives.
  3. Create collaborative initiatives that not only generate digital cultural products but also critically examine such products.
  4. Strengthen pedagogical and research connections between our undergraduate and graduate programs within and across disciplines.



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    Congratulations to Anne Violin-Wigent, Associate Professor of French, for receiving the 2015 Barbara Ort-Smith from the Michigan World Languages Association. This award is the most prestigious award a professional in the field of world languages can receive in the State of Michigan and honors those who show a strong commitment to the profession, and the promotion of excellence in world language education.



  • babana.JPGLeading a team of faculty, students, community and international collaborators at MSU, IU, UM, and France, project Principal Investigator Safoi Babana-Hampton was selected in 2016, as a 2nd time recipient of the Humanities Without Walls 2nd round of Global Midwest grants.  The Humanities Without Walls Consortium is based at the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  After the first documentary Hmong Memory at the Crossroads, the award will support the production of its sequel Growing Up Hmong at the Crossroads, a transnational film project, set in the United States, France, Thailand and Laos. 


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    José A. Badillo & Osvaldo Sandoval, PhD students in Hispanic Cultural Studies, are featured presenters along with Lansing mayor Virg Bernero at the 6th Annual César E. Chávez Commemorative Celebration on Friday, April 1, at MSU Kellogg Center. The event is organized by the MSU César E. Chávez Commemorative Celebration Planning Committee, Lansing's Human Relations and Community Services Department, and the LCC LUCERO Program http://www.cal.msu.edu/chavezevent/. Their graduate experiences were also featured in the State News: http://statenews.com/article/2016/02/dreamers-seek-education


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Join us in celebrating the accomplishment by Doctoral students Julio C Paredes, Judit Fuente Cuesta, and Fatou Faye. Julio and Judit passed successfully their doctoral comprehensive examinations in the fall of 2015. Their dissertation proposals, on nineteenth-century Austral American masculinities and women’s power and affectivity in Spanish media respectively, were also approved and now Julio and Judit are ABDs (All But Dissertation) and PhD candidates in Hispanic Cultural Studies.  Also, last December, Fatou defended successfully her doctoral dissertation "Femme, religion et littérature: La place de l'Islam dans l'écriture féminine sénégalaise francophone" under the direction of professor S. Babana-Hampton.  Fatou is now the recipient of a PhD in French Language and Literature from Michigan State University.


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